The emotions she draws out of you are both provocative and evocative, you feel every single emotion that Sophia and Lucas must endure as they struggle to survive. By the end, I was as emotionally spent as if I'd undergone it with them, and that is all due to MacRae's brilliant writing.  ~ Patrick Hodges

From the moment I started reading Nameless, I knew I'd stumbled upon greatness. This book is not only extremely well-written, the story itself is one that will stick with me for a very long time.  ~I.D. Johnson

​Marni MacRae

International award winning author Marni MacRae brings us Lady Sun. What began as an impromptu adventure story to ward off the winter blues, slowly blossomed into a tale of love, challenge and triumph. Her second novel, Nameless was published in 2017. A compelling book of self discovery, love and community. 

Currently, Marni is working on Treasure, an adventure story of a life spent chasing wealth, and the unexpected inheritance of history. We look forward to Treasure's release this summer!

Meet Author Marni MacRae

Readers Favorite has announced the winners of the 2015 international book awards. Lady Sun  has won the silver in the romance category.  With thousands of entries each year and many talented authors submitting their work for review and placement in the awards, it is an exciting accomplishment to accept this award.

Marni will be attending the award ceremony in Miami in November and looks forward to meeting the Readers Favorites staff and judges along with fellow authors and this years winners!