​Marni MacRae

Featured Author: Marni MacRae

Sophia has booked the vacation of a lifetime. A week on a deserted island. 
Hoping for a retreat and recharge from her life in the middle of a Northwest winter, she sets out to enjoy seclusion and sun in paradise. 
Flying halfway around the world, Sophia boards the yacht chartered to take her to the secluded island in the Maldives. 
There she meets Lucas, a fellow vacationer. Tall, dark, and handsome, Lucas is a cowboy, misplaced in the tropics. 
Shunning Sophia’s attempt at friendship, Lucas keeps to himself until the two travelers are thrust into an unwelcome adventure. 
Sophia soon learns that Lucas may be her only hope for survival, and that paradise is not so easily reached. 

International Award winning author, Marni MacRae spends most of her time

creating her own life story. Although writing has always been her dream,                 being a mother, a wife and a pioneer of mostly finished projects, she                 frequently writes in the dark of night whilst children/husband/animals sleep.
Raised in the woods of Idaho and gypsied about the majority of America, Marni has settled in the beautiful Northwest where summers are spent weeding the garden and wondering where that darn cow got off to this time. Winters are spent curled up with a book in front the fire. Old school.
Currently, Marni is working on her next novel, ‘Treasure’, planning a trip to Florida to receive an award, and praying no hurricanes sneak up on her much anticipated vacation.


Releasing summer of 2018

​A young woman awakes in a field with no memory of how she got there or who she is. Struggling to put the pieces together from a past just out of memory’s reach, Eve finds a new name and a new beginning in Brighton Valley. But no matter how safe she feels or how much she grows to love the people in her new life, Eve knows her past holds a secret that may destroy her chance at happiness.